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Looking for a new pair of headphones that is every bit as fashionable as it is functional? Think it would be fun to go about your day dancing to your favorite music with an amazing accessory that complements your already stellar style? With the Boosted Acoustic Headphones in Walnut, you can take a fashion-forward approach to your life, and rock headphones that deliver in both the sound and looks department.

Normally $130, these headphones are 86 percent off

Normally $130, these headphones are 86 percent off

Boosted Acoustic Headphones in Walnut on sale for $17.99

Although most headphones deliver great sound quality, very few live up to their full potential as an accessory. This pair of headphones, on the other hand, succeeds on both fronts!

These headphones power heavy bass and snappy treble through 40mm drivers. Meaning, they pack a serious aural punch and produce excellent sound quality, whether you are listening to music, a podcast, or streaming video content. Plus, this pair is terrific for extended usage thanks to comfortable earpads beneath its Walnut exterior.

Even cooler, the headphones seamlessly blend in with your fashion thanks to their artfully crafted wooden earcups! Made from Walnut — but also available in Rosewood or Beechwood — this set looks good with practically everything and stands out nicely from overly plastic competitors.

Pick up the Boosted Acoustic Headphones in Walnut for $17.99, 86 percent off the original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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