North Korea Lashes Out Over Reports Trump Is Planning A ‘Bloody Nose’ Attack

Ryan Pickrell | China/Asia Pacific Reporter

With all the talk of a “bloody nose” strike on North Korea, the rogue state is returning fire, threatening to break President Donald Trump’s back if he conducts a limited strike on North Korea.

“Dolt-like Trump should know that his backbone would be broken, to say nothing of ‘bloody nose,’ and the empire of America would go to the hell and the short history of the U.S. would end forever, the moment he destroys even a single blade of grass on this land,” North Korea’s state-run media wrote Tuesday.

The so-called “bloody nose strategy,” which has never been formally acknowledged by any member of the Trump administration, has been widely reported in recent weeks. There is speculation that the president is seriously considering a limited strike on North Korea in response to a nuclear or ballistic provocation.

Critics of the strategy assert that a pre-emptive or preventative strike on North Korea could easily escalate, arguing that North Korea cannot afford to assume such a strike is limited punitive measure and not a decapitation strike or worse.

In addition to slamming the bloody nose strategy, North Korean state media also hurled numerous insults at Trump, calling on the American people to “urgently detain Trump … in the isolated hospital of psychopaths.”

“No matter how desperately Trump may try to defame the dignified and just system in the DPRK with the worst invectives, he cannot deodorize the nasty smell from his dirty body woven with frauds, sexual abuses and all other crimes nor keep the U.S. from rushing to the final destruction,” North Korea said of Trump’s comments critical of the regime, such as those at last week’s State of the Union address.

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North Korea once again branded the president an “old lunatic” pitching a “hysteric fit.”

The rogue regime also accused Trump of following in the footsteps of former President George W. Bush, who labeled North Korea, Iraq, and Iran the “axis of evil” prior to the invasion of Iraq.

“There is a foolish attempt to make pretence for provocation and pave the road for invasion ahead of conducting the military adventure ‘bloody nose strategy’ in the invectives of Trump recalling Bush’s reckless remarks of ‘axis of evil,'” the North wrote.

While the administration has stated that the military option is on the table, it has also made clear that the application of military force is not the preferred course of action. At the same time, the president has said several times that the can has been kicked down the road for decades, and now, “we have no road left.”

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