This Bundle Teaches You How To Become An Expert Cryptocurrency Investor And Trader

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Despite the value of some cryptocurrencies dropping over the past few weeks, it is still a smart idea to understand the fundamental principles that drive the growth of these new currencies. With The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle, you can become an expert on investing and trading with one of the most resilient cryptocurrencies around and get ahead of this economic revolution.

Normally $100, this 6-course Bitcoin bundle is 70 percent off

Normally $100, this 6-course Bitcoin bundle is 70 percent off

The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle on sale for $29

Kick things off by first learning the basics of Bitcoin at a grassroots level. Meaning, you will come to understand both the theoretical and practical applications of Bitcoin, which cover everything from how it works as a global currency to how to mine it. Then, after building a solid foundation, take your knowledge to an advanced level.

Make your mastery of Bitcoin known to others by preparing to take the Bitcoin Professional certification exam. Refine your theoretical and practical knowledge of Bitcoin with 75 practice questions that will help you ace the exam. Whether you are striving to make financial progress in your personal or professional life, passing the Bitcoin Professional certification will help you confidently move forward and succeed.

With your newfound certification, you can now integrate Bitcoin into any business as a payment method.  You will understand the advantages and challenges of accepting Bitcoin as payment, explore the legality of Bitcoin, and discover how to set up your business to take Bitcoin.

Even better, this bundle — featuring 22.5 hours of instructional content — helps you start investing and trading with cryptocurrencies to secure a healthy financial future. You will learn investment techniques and strategies to keep yourself safe against 99 percent of attacks on your online privacy and finances. Plus, you can explore trading on a practical level with step-by-step instructions from a trader’s perspective, empowering you to witness live trades, so you build the confidence to open your own trades by the bundle’s end.

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