Rob Gronkowski Reportedly Considering Leaving Football For Hollywood

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Rob Gronkowski shocked fans with some uncertain comments about his future in the NFL after the Super Bowl on Sunday, but what he’s reportedly planning on doing next might ease the pain.

The New England Patriots tight end is far from making a decision about his career, but if he decides to step away from the game he might be making a move into the movie industry, according to multiple reports.

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Sylvester Stallone have told Gronk that he could make millions of dollars in action films, The Eagle-Tribune reports. And, at first thought, it’s hard to disagree with the Hollywood stars.

Rob Gronkowski is beloved by just about all football fans and despite having minimal experience as an “actor,” he would almost certainly drive people to the box office. In addition to being a once-in-a-generation talent on the field, it’s his off-the-field antics that draws people to him, which is a quality that translates perfectly to Hollywood.

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Hopefully Gronk decides to give it another few years on the football field, but if not at least we’ll get to see him in all his glory on the silver screen.