Trump’s Budget Slashes Entitlements, Favors Military Instead

John Wellington | Digital Content Manager

The White House’s budget proposal favors national security spending over entitlement spending, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The 2019 budget proposal looks to reduce entitlement programs by $1.7 trillion over the next decade and the non-defense discretionary budget by 2 percent annually.

The report states the plan will cut spending on Medicare by $237 billion, but does not identify other programs that will be subject to cutbacks. It also estimates to cut the $20.6 trillion deficit by $3 trillion over the next decade and decrease government expenditures and debt as a percentage of GDP.

Trump is urging an escalation in defense spending to $716 billion, as well as a 2.6 percent raise for troops. He has also requested $18 billion over the next two fiscal years for his famed boarder wall. In addition, his proposal calls for $85.5 billion for discretionary spending on education, healthcare, and vocational rehabilitation for veterans.

Trump has stated his new infrastructure plan will require $200 billion, in addition to several regulatory cuts.

The plan includes major improvements to immigration enforcement. The president is calling for 2,750 new border patrol and immigration enforcement officers, which would carry a price tag of $782 million.

Finally, the proposal includes $13 billion in new spending to fight the opioid epidemic, and give the Department of Health and Human Services a $3 billion pay bump in the next fiscal year and $10 billion in 2019.

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