HBO Made A More Violent, Darker, Bloodier And Crazy ‘Westworld’ Super Bowl Ad

David Hookstead | Reporter

HBO produced an alternative Super Bowl “Westworld” commercial, and it’s much darker than the one that was released to the public.

PopSugar reported the following details of how the commercial surfaced online:

On the Westworld site, there’s a way to unlock an alternate version of the Super Bowl ad: in the bottom left corner, click “Let’s Begin” to chat with Aeden, the bot who will help you get acquainted with the park. Type “our world” to Aeden, and he’ll drop a link to the alternate trailer. While it’s almost the same as the original, there are a few moments that are more violent (and unsettling) than what you saw on TV.

Luckily, somebody had the ambition to upload the alternative version to YouTube. It’s even sweeter than the first one.

You can watch the original version below.

There’s one very obvious difference between the two trailers. The alternate trailer is way bloodier and violent. It’s probably the reason why it didn’t air during the Super Bowl. I’m sure NBC and the NFL didn’t want their family friendly program showing people getting massacred and hanging from trees.

Another important thing to note is that Logan makes an appearance in the alternate trailer at the 50 second mark. He also appeared in the original for a fraction of the second, but I haven’t seen anybody catch that yet. You can miss him if you blink, which I’m sure is not an accident on the part of HBO.

Westworld Alternate trailer (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Series Trailer MP with an edit)

Westworld Alternate trailer (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube
Series Trailer MP with an edit)

We last saw Logan being tied to a horse while naked by William and being sent off into the abyss. I think most people just assumed he’d died, but it looks like he’s very much alive.

You know what we didn’t see? Anything dumb or related to Samurai World. That’s a good sign for fans everywhere.

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