‘The View’ Politicizes Florida School Shooting


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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“The View” hosts wasted no time discussing gun control after Wednesday’s school shooting and even tried to place some of the blame on President Donald Trump.


The women started by questioning why people need AR-15s and urged Congress and gun lobbyists to look harder into various gun control methods.

“I still don’t understand why we need to have AR-15s,” cohost Sunny Hostin said. “My sense is that these weapons are used primarily for these mass shootings.”

“You know, I’m tired of talking about the topic. I have nothing more to say. Until they take money out of politics, Congress will continue to do nothing about the guns that are readily available throughout this country,” cohost Joy Behar agreed.

The conversation became more politicized when Hostin claimed that Trump made it easier for mentally ill people to get guns by undoing an Obama-era regulation on people with severe mental illness. The suggestion was that the shooting could have been prevented if this regulation were still in place.

“See, if it didn’t happen in 2012 in Sandy Hook…I can’t imagine that this is going to make a difference,” Hostin said. “Just in February Trump signed a bill that undid a [mental health] regulation.”

The Daily Caller has fact-checked the claim that undoing Obama’s Social Security Administration rule would significantly alter how many mentally ill people were able to access guns and found it to be false. (RELATED: FACT CHECK: Did Trump Make It Easier For The Mentally Ill To Get Guns?)

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