‘WACO’ Continues To Impress As The Series Dwindles Down

WACO (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Part four of the hit mini-series “WACO” aired Wednesday night on the Paramount Network, and it continued to be amazing.

The audience is now fully entrenched in the siege, and it’s amazing to me how they keep portraying Branch Davidian leader David Koresh, played by Taylor Kitsch, as a dude who is shockingly normal. I’m still waiting for the turn of his character to the dark side. It hasn’t happened yet, but I think we’re close. We all know how the media portrayed him in real life, and it’s not close in the show. He’s just an oddball in the show.

The latest episode focused heavily on his second in command Steve Schneider and lead negotiator for the Branch Davidians. Schneider’s character is fascinating because his wife has a child with Koresh, and the FBI is using that to ply him apart from the cult’s leader. It’s an incredible dynamic between him and lead FBI negotiator Gary Noesner, who is played by Michael Shannon. It’s one of the better dichotomies we’ve seen on television in a long time.

The only major problem I have with Schneider is that he’s from Wisconsin, and his accent is painful. It’s just painful to listen to.

I’m from Wisconsin and sound nothing like the way he is portrayed. It’s a straight up insult to where I come from. Other than that little bit, I am truly enjoying the show. It’s incredible how the FBI negotiators and the Branch Davidians are both portrayed as the good guys.

It’s pretty much just the tactical team that are the bad guys in this show. We’ve got two episodes left, and the audience is edging up on the tragic end. It should be a great final two hours of television.

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