MSNBC Anchor: We’re Talking About Florida Shooting Because White Kids Died

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John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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MSNBC political analyst Nicolle Wallace suggested Thursday gun violence would not be a topic of discussion if “17 white kids” we’re not the victims of the Valentine’s Day massacre in Florida.

During the segment, MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude explained, “Every day, in certain communities, babies are walking to school having to deal with gun violence.”

“Every day, in certain communities, certain parents are burying their children because of gun violence,” Glaude said.” And it’s all because … this gun culture that makes people money.”

Following a brief rant by John Heilemann On “Deadline: White House” about “toxic masculinity,” Wallace stepped in and noted that Glaude was making a “racial point.”

“We’re talking about this because — let’s be honest, 17 white kids were [the victims],” Wallace said. (RELATED: Broward County Sheriff’s Office Releases Names Of 17 Killed In Florida School Shooting)


“I wish you guys were having this conversation as folk were walking in Chicago, in Jackson, Mississippi, in Oakland,” Glaude said later. “Folks are living with the consequences of guns.”