Tomorrow Morning Is About A Lot More Than Just A Hockey Game Against Russia

(Photo by Steve Powell/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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We’re less than a day away from when America will take the ice against Russia Saturday morning, and this game is about a ton more than hockey.

Russia murdered Slovenia this morning, and yes I realize that technically they’re being called OAR. Being called OAR because Russia is not allowed to compete is one of the dumbest things in the world. They’re Russians and we’re playing Russia. Those are the facts of the situation.

What this game represents is two of the most powerful nations in the history of the world meeting in a sport for the whole world to watch.

This represents two traditional powerhouses meeting on a world stage. I think we all remember the last time these two teams played. It ended with one of the greatest moments in American Olympic history. T.J. Oshie cemented his name in legend for ever after winning the shootout.

Everything about a USA/Russia matchup is always awesome. Part of the reason is the nostalgia behind it. The Miracle on Ice in 1980 is a chilling moment. I know people who saw it happen nearly 40 years ago, and they still cry when they watch the ending or see the movie.

I know I come in here and focus on the party aspect of that game. Don’t get me wrong. I plan to do a lot of that, but there is a real American pride aspect to this game. Our countries were on the brink of war for years, and we still have massive nuclear arsenals pointed at each other.

So, tomorrow is more than a hockey. It’s about America standing tall on a world stage and reminding everybody that we never back down.

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