Any Science That Supports The Drinking Of Shower Beers Is Great Science

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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It turns out that drinking beer in the shower is the move of brilliant people.

Whiskey Riff made a great observation that if science backs up people are more creative while drinking and more creative in the shower, well, obviously shower beers are a must.

They wrote in part:

A hangover may result in you being unable to think about much of anything, but a drink or two could be exactly what you need to get the creative juices flowing. One University of Illinois study polled 40 men on their study habits and found a man was more creative when he had a blood alcohol content of about .075. BOOM.

Ok, time to blow your mind. We now know a few drinks makes you more creative, but a shower does also. Add them together and BOOM.

Alice Flaherty, one of the most renowned neuroscientists researching creativity has an answer for us when it comes to why you get your best ideas in the shower. An ingredient that’s very important for us to be creative is dopamine: The more dopamine that is released, the more creative we are.

I’ve never loved science more than I do right now. My grades in science throughout high school and college were laughable. It’s amazing how bad I did in science classes, especially when you consider that my family comes from a heavy science background. Maybe I would have done much better if they were teaching science from the angle of shower beers.

You’re a fool if you don’t participate in the shower beer trend. I do it all the time, and have for a very long time. On game days in college at Wisconsin I’d wake up, grab a couple beers, head to the shower, crack those bad boys open and slug them in there. You come out all nice and clean and you’re well on your way to getting a nice buzz on for the game.

Of course, you can’t stop drinking shower beers just because you graduated college. That’s not what America is all about. Taking a shower before going out on the town? Well, you’re a damn fool if you don’t have a few beers ready to go. I have an actual rack that I can put the beers on while in the shower. Holds two at a time in the shower and about 15 outside of the shower. You’re going to want to stick to cans. It’s not worth risking a glass bottle falling in the shower. Play it safe and hammer the cans.

There’s very few times where a shower beer isn’t appropriate. Before work is an obvious one, but I’m drawing a blank on just about everything else. You’re out of your mind if you think I’m skipping a shower beer on any day that involves football. Just can’t tolerate showering while sober if I know that I’m preparing for some sports action.

I don’t know a single person that doesn’t believe shower beers are the best, and I wouldn’t want to be friends with somebody who did.

Do yourself a favor when you get home today by grabbing a beer and hitting the shower. You can thank me later.

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