WaPo Reporter: White House Felt ‘Reprieve’ After School Shooting


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Philip Rucker, a reporter for The Washington Post, claimed that the Trump administration felt a “reprieve” after the Florida school shooting because it distracted the media from covering ongoing White House scandals.


“To be sure they’re sensitive to the tragedy going on in Florida, but there was a feeling inside the White House Friday and over the weekend that the shooting amounted to a reprieve for them,” Rucker said, referencing his reporting about the White House’s response to the shooting.

It should be noted that word “reprieve” was used by one anonymous White House official quoted in Rucker’s report.

“They had been under the bright lights of the media spotlight for these numerous scandals which were growing in the days leading up to the shooting,” he elaborated on MSNBC. “And all of a sudden the media attention turned to Florida. People stopped asking questions. It gave the White House an excuse not to hold any press briefings so they got a few days to sort of collect their thoughts, figure out what they’re going to do, reset, if you will, but I don’t think these scandals are gone.”

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