Katy Tur Asks Viewers: ‘Kids Or Guns?’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Katy Tur teased a segment on Tuesday by asking viewers what they value more: children or guns.


Tur was planning to cut to commercial break before showing a bus of Stoneman Douglas High students making their way to the state capitol for an anti-gun protest, and her throwaway line presented viewers with a false binary choice.

“Coming up: kids or guns? What do you value more?” Tur asked. “Students from Florida head up north to confront Governor Rick Scott — we’re on board with them.”

When they got back from the break, Tur cut to Tammy Leitner, who was on board with the students. Leitner interviewed several students and asked one if he thought President Trump would “do the right thing” by taking action on gun control.


“It’s really sad that, like, we have to be this change,” the student said. “We want to speak to these legislators, and we want to speak and get our voice heard.”

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