Huge Props To The Canadian Hockey Player Who Refused To Wear A Silver Medal

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Canadian hockey player Jocelyne Larocque refused to wear her silver medal after losing the gold medal game to America, and that’s a move I can respect.

Larocque instantly took off the silver medal once it was put around her neck. It couldn’t have been on for more than a second before she removed it.

She told the media after the game about not wanting to wear it, “Just hard. We were going for gold.”

I have so much respect for this move that it’s almost sickening. Silver medals are for losers. Being in possession of one means that you literally weren’t good enough to win. Why would anybody who calls themselves a hockey player ever want to wear a symbol that shows the world they weren’t good enough to win it all? I wouldn’t win it either.

Either win gold and wear it with pride, or don’t accept a medal at all. One Soviet player claimed to have thrown his silver medal in the trash after losing to the Americans in the 1980 Olympics. I don’t care if you like the Canadians or not. The spirit of refusing to accept an award for second place is the spirt of a true champion and winner.

I couldn’t be happier that America won. It was an incredible moment, and a I’m so proud of our women. The fact Larocque refused to wear her medal makes me even more proud of this accomplishment. It shows we beat a team with an unbreakable spirit. We should show this video to our men’s team so they learn a thing or two about the attitude necessary to win a gold medal.

I hope more people follow Larocque’s example and refuse to glorify not finishing in the top spot.

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