The Price For A Ticket To The Miracle On Ice Game Was Insanely Low

(Photo by Steve Powell/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Yesterday was the 38 year anniversary of the Miracle on Ice, and taking a look at the ticket prices is a bit insane.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted out late Thursday night a picture of the tickets and the three prices, both in the price at the time and the price adjusted for inflation. The most expensive ticket in today’s dollars would only be $211.

Can you believe only paying $211 to watch the greatest sports moment in American history? I would empty my bank account to be in an arena for a game of that magnitude. I would walk up to the counter, and request to liquidate every single dollar if it meant I could watch a group of college kids hammer the Soviet Union. What price wouldn’t you pay? Every freedom loving American has to admit that there is no ceiling on the limit.

You couldn’t dream of going to the Super Bowl for $211. Not in your wildest dreams would that ever happen, but in 1980s $39.20 would get into the stadium to see the greatest Olympics moment ever.

This is just mind-boggling to me. Were the ticket prices just low because nobody expected America to win? I can’t imagine what the other explanation could be. Hell, I’d pay a couple hundred bucks to watch America play Russia today, and that’s nothing compared to the magnitude of the Miracle on Ice.

I wish I had a time machine because the first place I’d go would be Lake Placid January 22, 1980.

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