Trump: If Sanctions On North Korea Don’t Work, We May Have To Do ‘A Very Rough Thing’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump put North Korea on notice at a White House press conference Friday, saying that if sanctions don’t work, the United States might have to go “phase two.”

“May be very, very unfortunate for the world.”


“If the sanctions don’t work, we’ll have to go phase two,” Trump said.

“And phase two may be a very rough thing. May be very, very unfortunate for the world. But hopefully the sanctions will work. We have tremendous support all around the world for what we’re doing. It really is a rogue nation. If they can make a deal it will be a great thing. If we can’t, something will have to happen. So we’ll see. As far as General Mattis is concerned, I mean he has that view and a lot of people have that view. China’s tough. They’re getting stronger.”

“They’re getting stronger to a large extent with a lot of the money they’ve made from having poor leadership in the United States, because the United States leadership has allowed them to get away with murder. With that being said, I think we can have a truly great, even trading relationship with China. Hopefully that’s going to work out. And hopefully the relationship I have with President Xi will make that happen. Only time will tell. Thank you.” (RELATED: Trump Shares Story Of North Korean Dissident At SOTU [VIDEO])

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