Here Are The Odds For Who Will Be The Next James Bond

(Photo by Greg Williams/Eon Productions via Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Odds have been released for offshore bettors looking to wager on who will be the next James Bond.

The field is led by James Norton and Tom Hardy, with Idris Elba close behind.

The odds, according to SBR Sports Picks, are as follows:

  • Idris Elba +550
  • Tom Hardy +350
  • Michael Fassbender +1000
  • Henry Cavill +1600
  • Dan Stevens +2800
  • Jamie Dornan +4000
  • Jack Huston +500
  • Tom Hiddleston +650
  • Damien Lewis +2000
  • Hugh Jackman +5000
  • James Norton +350
  • Ryan Gosling +2500

We discussed this in the office, and it seems like Tom Hardy is the easy choice here, but Idris Elba would also be outstanding.

Here’s my main question with these odds: What is Jamie Dornan doing on this list? The guy from the “50 Shades of Grey” shouldn’t be allowed to get anywhere near a James Bond set. That guy needs to stick to his soft-core porno flicks and leave the James Bond stuff to the guys who are meant to play a badass. I will never see a James Bond film that Dornan is in. My money isn’t going to support that garbage.

A successful Bond lead-actor can play it dark and serious, but still sell the audience on being a womanizer. That’s why Daniel Craig and Sean Connery are great and Roger Moore was awful. Here’s a bit of an unpopular take: I think Timothy Dalton is wildly underrated as Bond. “License to Kill” was an outstanding movie.

So, for the love of everything righteous, do not screw this up. It’s not a difficult formula to follow.

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