REPORT: George Clooney And Scooter Braun Organizing March For Our Life Gun March

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Jena Greene Reporter
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There’s been wall-to-wall coverage of high schoolers and other supposed grassroots activists trying to orchestrate stricter gun laws this month. Some news outlets are doing a bang up job of trying to convince the general population that the NRA is a bigger threat to national security than hapless immigration and radical islamic terrorism combined. And anybody who defends the Second Amendment must be against the brave children who are finally taking a stand against violence, we’re told.

But according to TMZ, it may not be the children taking a stand against the violence. At least not entirely.

A TMZ producer reportedly emailed the March For Our Lives campaign – the ‘grassroots’ march on Washington that’s allegedly organizing a march on Washington this March to demand gun control. The producer wanted to know how many items related to the march have been sold, and who’s running the campaign.

The producer’s March For Our Lives contact blew their cover instantly – and referred the producer to a woman who works for Scooter Braun – aka Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s talent manager. Braun organized Ariana Grande’s charity concert after the Manchester City bombing and is now apparently working hand-in-glove with George Clooney to organize the March For Our Lives.

It’s been previously reported that Clooney donated $500,000 to the campaign – but the actor positioned himself as a spectator rather than an instrumental organizer behind the movement.

After the donation was made public, he told TMZ, “Amal and I fully support the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. We’ve donated money to help pay for their march. But the march and all of the activities surrounding this movement belong to the young people across the country…To suggest anything else would not only be completely inaccurate but also undercut the courage and determination of these incredible kids. They make me proud to be an American.”

But this producer’s digging sheds light on a very different truth.

“We’re assuming they’ve done all this on the QT because they feel it would diminish the impact of the movement if celebrities appear to be running the show — the students are the ones changing hearts and minds and it’s important it stays that way,” TMZ reports.

It’s one thing if you’re going to donate some cash to a few traumatized high schoolers who want to make a difference in the world. But we’re dealing with a whole different ball of wax if George Clooney and his little buddy Scooter are legitimately propping kids up to go be a part of a movement that they singlehandedly organized. That’s the equivalent of a stage mom forcing her kid to participate in the school play by bribing them with snacks and extra dollar of allowance – but telling all her friends that her kid loves theatre and can’t wait to get to rehearsal every day. Except this is 500,000 worse.

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