17 Of Our Country’s Toughest Presidents [SLIDESHOW]

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The following 17 presidents are probably tougher than you. Not only have they survived, but they helped win wars. They have endured record-levels of embarrassment to do what they enjoy. They have been rebellious and courageous. They have won the hearts of Americans and helped to make their mutually beloved country stronger.

Though the birthplaces of these presidents range from the industrial streets of Manhattan to the countryside of Kentucky, their levels of toughness are beyond compare. Surviving simply wasn’t enough; they had to excel not only in politics but in general living.

It’s a known fact that if a president goes into his first year with a head full of dark hair, he is bound to leave his fourth term with thinning gray strands struggling hard to cover the bald skin beneath. These presidents may have finished their terms in office with gray hair, but their spirits were (and for some, still are) vibrant with color.