The Universe2go Personal Augmented Reality Planetarium Brings The Cosmos Down To Earth

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No matter who you are, a night sky full of stars captivates like no other and stirs the imagination with an incredible sense of wonder. Make the cosmos high above the Earth digitally come to life with the Universe2go Personal Augmented Reality Planetarium, the world’s first smartphone-based augmented reality viewer.

Normally $70, this augmented reality planetarium is 32 percent off

Normally $70, this augmented reality planetarium is 32 percent off

Personal Augmented Reality Planetarium on sale for $49.99

The augmented reality viewer is simple to use and entertains anyone who loves seeing constellations. Meaning, it just requires a smartphone — anything iOS 8.0 or Android 4.2 and later — as well as the Universe2go mobile app, which is easily downloaded thanks to the included activation code. Plus, because gazing at the stars is universally loved, it’s sure to entertain everyone in your life, whether they’re young or old.

Universe2go merges digital information with the real night sky, so you feel like you’re standing within the cosmos. This means the AR viewer allows you to not only clearly see all 88 constellations represented in the night sky, but also view close-ups of planets, galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae like never before! Even cooler, it provides over three hours of in-depth explanations about the starry sky and details Greek myths associated with the constellations, so you can learn fascinating facts and stories while gazing into the night.

Bring the cosmos down to you for $46.99, 32 percent off the original price, with the Universe2go Personal Augmented Reality Planetarium from The Daily Caller Shop.

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