‘Seriously, How Old Are You, Five?’ — Ben Ferguson Clashes With Anti-Trumper Rick Wilson On CNN

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Anti-Trump Republican Rick Wilson sparred with conservative radio host Ben Ferguson on CNN Monday, and things got seriously heated.

“Seriously, how old are you, five?” Ferguson said at one point.


The two panelists were talking about President Trump telling a joke about being “president for life” over the weekend.

“The bottom line is, Rick, and you’re smart enough to know this. I let you finish. Let me finish,” Ferguson said. “There are certain relationships that president of the United States of America have with countries around the world that are not always with great individuals or great men. You should admit that. But let’s go back to the core point here. This was clearly the President in a private room joking about something that even The Washington Post said was a joke! The Washington Post even said it was a joke! Why can’t you take the same joke?”

Wilson said, “If you go back and look at history, which I’ve forgotten more about than you will ever know…”

“Congratulations about saying that you’re smarter than someone else. That’s a great talking point.”

“By you by a long stretch, pal,” Wilson said. (RELATED: Rick Wilson Melts Down, Threatens To ‘Gut’ Panelist ‘Like A Fish’ On CNN [VIDEO])

Ferguson said, “Again — seriously, how old are you, five?”

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