High Ranking Military Official Warned Harbaugh Not To Sign Kaepernick In 2017

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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In 2017, Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh briefly flirted with the idea of signing Colin Kaepernick as a new QB. According to TMZ, he sought his friends’ advice on the idea.

One of those friends was supposedly a high ranking member of the US military and he gave him some pretty stern advice. He probably didn’t tell him not to sign Kaepernick but he did tell him to consider whether he agreed with Kaepernick’s values. He also told him that if he did end up signing the infamous QB, he’d have to lay down a set of very strict ground rules before he set foot in the locker room.

And those ground rules probably sounded a little something like, “No kneeling, respect the flag, or you’re done for and we’ll make your life a living hell.”

At least that’s what most military members I know would say.

Here’s the thing with Kaepernick. I wouldn’t call him a bad person. Most of my friends in the military probably don’t think he’s a bad person either. He is extremely inflammatory though and he’s addicted to notoriety. I really don’t think Kaep kneeled for the Anthem because he was so firmly entrenched in the idea that this country was systematically oppressive toward black people. I think he saw his career slipping and he threw a Hail Mary to stay relevant. And it mushroom clouded. Does that make it right? Absolutely not. If you do anything short of putting your hand over your heart and standing if you’re able for the National Anthem, you’re not a great person. Respect for our flag and the brave men and women who defend it every day is what keeps us sewn together as a unit – regardless of political orientation. The second we start to lose the most basic reverence for our country is the when the decline begins. Harbaugh and his buddy were right for letting Kaep fade into oblivion.

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