McDonald’s To Serve Fresh North American Beef Starting In May


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McDonald’s announced Tuesday that it will use fresh beef for all hamburgers going forward, to comply with customer preferences for unprocessed food.

All quarter-pound burgers will be made with fresh, never-frozen, North American beef starting in May, according to the company’s website.

As the Associated Press reports, the iconic fast-food chain has been reliant on frozen patties since the 1970s. McDonald’s fame and fortune certainly has not come from its quality of meat, and as healthier fast-food corporations keep popping up, it has to keep up with modern concerns about processed foods.

Serving fresh beef is definitely step in the right direction for the restaurant’s reputation and relevance.

Approximately 3,500 stores across the US are already using fresh beef for their quarter-pound burgers, but starting in May, all ~14,000 stores in the country will also offer fresh-beef burgers.