Optimize Your WiFi With NetSpot Pro, A Powerful WiFi Analysis Application

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Whether you’re at home browsing the internet and streaming Netflix to relax or in the office working hard responding to business emails, it’s safe to say using WiFi has become a staple of modern day life. And what’s one big frustration all WiFi users experience from time to time? A spotty connection! With NetSpot Pro: Lifetime License, add a powerful WiFi analysis application to your Mac and guarantee yourself a secure connection, always.

Normally $200, a lifetime license of NetSpot pro is 80 percent off

Normally $200, a lifetime license of NetSpot pro is 80 percent off

NetSpot Pro: Lifetime License on sale for $39

The application helps you pinpoint the best WiFi locations, as well as any dead zones, within WiFi-enabled environments, such as your home or office. With Discover, the app’s first mode of analyzing your WiFi takes a snapshot of surrounding WiFi networks and receive reports on the signal strength of each one. Meaning, it’s a quick and simple way to determine if you’re relaxing or working with a strong, moderate, or weak connection in a single location.

The app’s second mode, Survey, is more comprehensive, providing you with reports on multiple locations within the same wireless network through visual maps. With this mode, upload any plan — or create your own using the app’s easy-to-use tools — to identify the strongest and weakest parts of your network visually. This makes planning, troubleshooting, managing, and optimizing all aspects of your WiFi connection a complete breeze.

Never deal with bad connections again by picking up a Netspot Pro: Lifetime License for $39, 80 percent off its original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.


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