Even Millennials Are Tiring Of Social Media

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Turns out, millennials  are actually capable of putting their phones down.

That’s according to a recent survey polling young adults aged 18-24, which revealed they are actively “seeking relief from social media.”

It also revealed that 34 percent of millennials have deleted their account in at least one of the most popular apps in their age bracket, which includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder. Even more interesting, 41 percent of millennials polled say they “waste too much time” on social media. That’s almost half of everyone polled.

Which is pretty shocking when you stop to consider it. Just yesterday, I was under the impression that most millennials were beyond hope. Gone forever into the vacuum of retweets and shares. Swiping left, swiping right, possessed by the perfect gram. I wrote a piece about a girl who sank herself $10,000 into debt just so she could get more likes on Instagram.

I started to believe that millennials may in fact be the worst generation because they couldn’t detach themselves from their phone. But it looks like I was wrong. Turns out, the worst part of millennials isn’t their social media addiction.

It’s their sore-loser attitudes, obsession with avocados, reluctance to move out of their parents’ basement, lack of credit and participation trophies. But it looks like they’ll be okay in the social media department.

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