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Whether you’re a recent college graduate looking to enhance your professional skills or a veteran employee searching for new ways to take your career to the next level, it’s wise to invest in the educational resources that give you the best chance at success in today’s corporate workforce. With The Complete Microsoft Office Certification Bundle, learn Excel, PowerPoint, and Access to mastery and add three certifications to your resume that will help you thrive in any office environment.

Normally $3,000, this bundle is 99 percent off

Normally $3,000, this bundle is 99 percent off

The Complete Microsoft Office Certification Bundle on sale for $19

Kick things off in Excel by building a strong foundation with Microsoft’s flagship program. You’ll create worksheets, workbooks, and learn how to populate cells in no time. Then discover how to protect your work by adding, hiding, and deleting comments, as well as understanding how optimizing processes with everyday functions like Average, Max, Min, & Count.  After laying a strong foundation, progress to merging workbooks, identifying errors, and even troubleshooting. With a mastery of these techniques and more, you’re set for any Excel-heavy positions or life as a freelancer!

Also, this bundle — featuring more than 15 hours of educational content — dives deep into PowerPoint and Access. By mastering the former, you’ll dominate your next big presentation and impress everyone in the room with dynamic, engaging, and compelling content. Last but not least, gain control over massive amounts of data, like address books and finance tables, by creating easy-to-ready charts, forms, and reports with Access.

Certify your next career move with success for just $19, 99 percent off the original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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