Tom Brady Talks About Challenges Of Juggling Fatherhood And Football [VIDEO]

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images For US Weekly)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Tom Brady talked about the challenges of juggling fatherhood and leading the New England Patriots, during his appearance Monday on Good Morning America.

“I think you can’t make decisions necessarily just for yourself. I think that’s one thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older,” the 40-year-old Patriots quarterback shared with Michael Strahan, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“There’s collateral effects to every decision that I make,” the father of three and wife to super model Gisele Bundchen explained. “I have a wife that aspires to be a lot of things and she travels a lot. Three kids and you’re just always trying to juggle and you want to be there for them and you want to be there for the hockey games and the soccer games, but you also realize the level of commitment it takes to give as much as you can to the team that needs you.”

“I think most professionals probably feel the same way,” he continued. “Sometimes it gets out of balance and you’ve got to figure out how to bring it back to a point where it feels great for everybody involved.”

Brady also talked his wife’s desire to have him retire from football sooner rather than later. But from the sound of it, he’s not anywhere close to ready for that.

“It’s been such a great love for me. I love the sport. I love the competition. I love my teammates. I love working with people that I love to work with,” the QB explained. “So, that part is really hard to give up, especially when I feel like I could do it and I look around the league and I see these other quarterbacks and I’m thinking I can do what they do. I want to continue to do it as best I can because it really brings a lot of joy to my life.”