Trump: ‘We Have To Have’ The Wall

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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President Donald Trump addressed a group of Marines on Tuesday and insisted that the United States needs the border wall to lower immigration-related crime.


Earlier in the day, Trump visited the border in California to look at various border wall prototypes. While addressing the Marines in San Diego, he cited the prototypes and argued that the wall will stop drugs and criminals from flowing over the border.

“It’s about time, right? Nobody is going to mess with us. Dangerous criminal and terrorist organizations relentlessly seek to exploit our immigration system,” Trump said. “I have just come from a trip to the border where I met with our wonderful border agents, border patrol and the ICE agents.”

“We need it for the drugs. We need it for the gangs. We need it for lots of reasons. We have to have it. It will be 99.5 percent successful. People won’t be able to come over it,” he continued. “The drugs will stop by a lot, although we have to get a lot tougher with drug dealers. Have to. But that wall will stop so much.”

Trump also boasted that they are working on prototypes before the wall is built so that they don’t have to go back and rebuild it if it fails to prevent illegal immigration.

“We had people trying to scale,” he said. “I’m a builder. What I do best is build.”

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