Sam Nunberg Brags About Boosting CNN’s Ratings


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg bragged on CNN on Wednesday that he boosted the network’s ratings when he appeared for an interview visibly intoxicated last week.


Nunberg made the rounds on cable news last week after special counsel Robert Mueller issued him a subpoena to be interviewed for the Russia investigation. CNN anchor Erin Burnett accused him of being drunk during a March 5 appearance on the network, claiming she “smelled alcohol” on his breath. (RELATED: Former Trump Adviser Hammered On Live Television)

Nunberg insisted he had not had anything to drink, but nonetheless, CNN invited him back for another interview on Wednesday morning with Alisyn Camerota.

Camerota asked Nunberg how he was doing, and with a bit of a wink and a nod, Nunberg bragged that he had boosted the network ahead of Fox News in the ratings battle.

“By the way, we beat Fox News in every single…we beat Fox News that hour,” Nunberg boasted. “In total and demo!”

Camerota chuckled, noting that people were “watching the ratings thinking Sam Nunberg is a big draw and it sounds like you are.”

She then asked if he was doing better since his last interview, and Nunberg insisted that he is “great” and that his previous interviews were “great TV.”

“Well there you go!” Camerota exclaimed.

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