Students Walk Out Of Class En Masse To Push For Stricter Gun Laws


Morgan Caplan Contributor
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Students across the U.S. and the world walked out of their schools at 10 a.m. EST Wednesday to protest gun violence and call for stricter gun laws.

The #Enough walkout lasted 17 minutes in honor of the 17 students and faculty that were killed one month ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Before the event, more than 3,100 walkouts were registered to occur Wednesday morning, according to organizers.


Walkouts took place in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Michigan and even countries such as Israel and Germany. Students from at least 28 Baltimore and Washington, D.C. schools marched from the White House to Capitol Hill, according to Fox News.

While gun control is a hot topic among students, the main reason behind this movement is to mourn the lives lost in Parkland, and other school shootings.

Walkouts in Brooklyn, New York, included hundreds of students decked in orange for unity and rallying cries for lawmakers in D.C. Lawmakers were present for rallies in Brooklyn. Some college students are also making a statement by walking out of class.


While some students were free to walk out from class and march the streets, other schools in Haddonfield, New Jersey, are punishing students with suspensions if they decide to walk out, according to USA Today. Even though some school administrations in Georgia, Maryland, Ohio and New Jersey banned the walkout, parents were still out supporting their children in their walkout movement.


Some students across the country are refusing to participate in the walkout, saying they are strongly against gun control and would rather focus on the mental health epidemic that as they believe is being ignored. Others are not participating strictly because of the risk of punishment.

These walkouts are just the beginning for these students across the U.S. Rallies and a March on Washington will commence at the end of March and will continue into April.