Secretary Mattis Sent USA Gold Medalist A Hilarious Note


Jena Greene Reporter
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The US women’s national hockey team gained global celebrity status in February after they won gold at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. And while the entire team came home with considerable honor, it was goaltender Maddie Rooney who saved the day when she defended the gold during a shootout against Canada.

And after she returned home to the US, Rooney found that her position got a little upgrade on her Wikipedia page. Somebody had changed her position from goaltender to US Secretary Of Defense.

It doesn’t seem like the actual SecDef minded much, though. Earlier this week, Secretary James Mattis sent Rooney a note congratulating her on the new position.

It reads:

Dear Madam Secretary Maddie,

I want to add my congratulations to you and your teammates for your magnificent performances in he gold medal game. You proved yourself in a hard-fought competition and I salute you – one Secretary of Defense to another!

We are all very proud of you.


Jim Mattis

This really just proves how unbelievably cool our actual Secretary of Defense is, and how talented our Olympic world champions are.

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