The PAC-12 Is An Embarrassment To College Sports

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The PAC-12 is one of the most embarrassing things we’ve seen in very long time in the sports world.

The pathetic west coast conference went 1-8 in bowl games, and then went 0-3 in March Madness.

Statistically speaking, I’m pretty sure the odds of being this bad at sports is pretty improbably. The conference is 1-11 in the last 12 important games the conference has been in. How is that possible? It makes no sense.

The coaches should be fired, the administrators should be fired and the idiots who allowed one of the major conferences in America to descend into absolute turmoil should be canned immediately. There was once a time were the PAC-12 was highly competitive in football and basketball. UCLA and Arizona were balling on the basketball court and USC was dominating the gridiron.

I don’t know how to fix the conference. Don’t have a clue. It might be time to just nuke the whole thing and start over because this circus needs to come to a quick end.

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