You’ll Never Guess How This Self-Proclaimed ‘Snake Whisperer’ Died


Jena Greene Reporter
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A Malaysian man who claimed to be the ultimate “snake whisperer” has died after sustaining a fatal bite from one of the most deadly serpents on earth.

Abu Zarin Hussin headed the King Cobra Squad of a Malaysian fire and rescue department and helped to train rescue workers find venomous animals in intense survival situations. He also delivered public talks, Free Malaysia Today says.

Abu was even a contestant on Asia’s Got Talent and demonstrated how to successfully wrangle and kiss some of the world’s most poisonous reptiles.

Which is why – for anyone mildly familiar with the animal kingdom – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Abu was bitten fatally by a cobra. If a random guy was trying to kiss or wrangle me for national television I’d be pretty upset too.

I’m not saying this guy deserved to die. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy. He does, however, seem like he was a dumb one. And kissing any sort of wild animal, especially if it holds deadly venom in its fans, is never a good idea. You can ask Darwin if you don’t believe me.

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