Adam Schiff: Trump ‘Seems To Be Testing The Waters’ On Mueller

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff said on CNN Monday that he thinks President Trump is “testing the waters” on firing special counsel Robert Mueller.


CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked, “Do you believe, congressman, these latest tweets from the president, which are statements, official statements from the president, amount to obstruction of justice or potentially witness intimidation?”

“I certaintly think that all of this goes to the president’s intent, goes to the question as to whether there’s a corrupt intent to obstruct justice,” Schiff said. “And I find it less than credible that one of the president’s lawyers, who immediately called for the–basically the firing of Mueller after McCabe was fired, was doing so and was not speaking for the president. Indeed, initially, he said he was speaking for the president. He must have then been cautioned by other lawyers in the White House that that was a problem, legally.”

“But nonetheless, the president seems to be testing the waters. How much can he get away with? And like anyone–any bully, basically, if you don’t stand up to them and you do so in unequivocal terms, they see this as license to do whatever they have in mind.”

“So, I really think we need to see what’s plainly before us. And that is that this is a president who could wake up in the morning and decide in a fit of pique he’s going to get rid of Bob Mueller, and we invite that kind of crisis if we don’t take action now.”

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