Clay Travis Calls Out Brooke Baldwin For CNN’s Double Standard

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Sports commentator Clay Travis called out CNN’s Brooke Baldwin for bringing a porn star on her show to discuss sexual intercourse with President Trump.

Baldwin once kicked Travis off of her show because he asserted his love for boobs.

“Why would you even say that live on television with a female host?” Baldwin questioned at the time. (RELATED: CNN Host ENDS Segment After Panelist States Love Of ‘First Amendment And Boobs’)

Yet, when she spoke to a porn star and friend of Stormy Daniels on Tuesday, Baldwin had no problem discussing whether the president and Daniels had asked her to “come play” and have a “sexual encounter.” Baldwin even discussed “explicit sex acts” on her show with reporter MJ Lee, such as “unprotected vaginal intercourse” and “unprotected sex.”

“I hope the porn star you had on today discussing explicit sex acts didn’t trigger you and mention the word boobs,” Travis tweeted. “You fake news hypocrite.”


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