Big Shoutout To Russel Crowe For Hosting His Own ‘Divorce Auction’

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Russel Crowe may be a single man again but his freedom comes with a price.

His divorce was finalized in December and the “Gladiator” actor got absolutely wrecked in the settlement. The Daily Mail reports that Daniel Spencer walked away with at least $20 million. And Crowe is left having to pay for it somehow.

Now Russell Crowe might be one of the highest paid actors in the world, but life ain’t cheap. So he’s been trying to pay for his divorce in some more creative ways.

He recently opened up a public auction with Sotheby’s Australia called “Russell Crowe: The Art Of Divorce,” to pawn off some of his valuable dead weight. According to the auction site:

A selection of major works from the private collection of Russell Crowe will be auctioned by Sotheby’s Australia on 7 April 2018. A date of particular significance as both the actor’s birthday and wedding anniversary.

The sale represents the dispersal of a highly personal collection that was assembled by Crowe over many years, including those shared with his former wife, Danielle Spencer.

The Russell Crowe Collection comprises important paintings by some of Australia’s most significant historic, modern and contemporary artists, furniture, movie memorabilia, musical instruments, watches and sporting memorabilia.

Pretty surprising that he’d choose to auction this stuff off on his anniversary, but everybody copes differently.

Some of the items included in the auction are an authentic, fully functioning chariot from the “Gladiator” set, two Louisville Sluggers signed by Al Pacino, swords and protective gear from the “Gladiator,” Captain Jack’s uniform from “Master and Commander,” and a signed boxing glove from “Cinderella Man.” There are literally hundreds of items, some of them priced at around $30,000.

You’ve gotta respect this move. Russell Crowe is on record saying he really doesn’t want this divorce and he’s “loved Danielle Spencer since 1989; that’s never going to change.” You can’t help but feel a little bad for the guy. And on top of being heartbroken, he’s gotta pay this chick $20 mil and get rid of some of his prized memorabilia. Even Russell Crowe has bad days.

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