Chris Matthews Struck By ‘Purity’ Of Anti-Gun March

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews fawned over the protesters at Saturday’s March For Our Lives, insisting that there was “purity” in their message.


Matthews denied that there were “piggybackers” or “people with political causes” ingratiating themselves with the March For Our Lives, despite the fact that the march was co-organized by the Women’s March, MoveOn and other left-wing political organizations.

“What grabbed me and held fairly consistently throughout the day was its purity,” Matthews said. “It’s what powered the day both in real-time and perhaps down the road. There wasn’t a lot of piggybackers out there, people with political causes who tried leaping on the backs of the March For Our Lives.”

Matthews also seemingly glossed over the profanity in the protesters’ messages and the attacks on Sen. Marco Rubio and the NRA as child-killers, claiming that the march was not marked by “bitterness.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain Shuts Down David Hogg Following March For Our Lives ‘Rhetoric’)

“But I will always recall the optimism of that early protest against Vietnam. It was in my mind on Saturday as I saw the same optimism in the faces of those hoping to end this country’s fidelity to gun power,” he said. “Let’s hope the young people of Saturday are not moved to bitterness by the same putting off of action on gun safety.”

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