Note To Marchers: Infringement Is Illegal

Alan Korwin | Contributor

Infringement is illegal. This is missing in the clamor by a bunch of motivated children whose parents aren’t parenting them and it’s getting out of hand.

The so-called “news” media, by encouraging immature behavior in an immoral campaign for rights denial should be ashamed of themselves. If their First Amendment free-speech rights were as shallow and tenuous as they would like to treat Second Amendment rights, they would all be out of jobs. By a simple majority vote.

You know that’s not right. You can’t do that. Not in America. That’s what our Constitution is all about. Maybe you don’t know that—it hasn’t seemed to be an issue in this current rush to imitate the Reichstag fire and overwhelm centuries of history and freedom, this populist call for the destruction of liberty and establishment of a socialist state, where the whim of some people replaces the will of we the people.

These marching youngsters haven’t noticed, and their adult handlers and manipulators haven’t mentioned, that you can’t just confiscate property from the public, no matter how right you believe you are. Such actions are banned by the Second and Fourth Amendments. This matters. You’re playing with fire, not firearms. If you want to remove those protections from yourselves, by removing them from the armed public, you must rewrite the U.S. Constitution. That’s what’s needed—amending out the protections of the Bill of Rights. That’s not a state or federal legislative vote. What, no one told them that?

But you’re not playing with fire, you’re playing with firearms.

The public is armed for a purpose, and it’s dangerous to consider pushing them too far. It’s what brought us to revolution in the first place. The cutesy handmade signs, prophetically reminiscent of modern tea party protests, may say ban the AR-15, but the proposed bills, if you read them, call for banning every decent gun with a grip. That’s right, with a grip.

The children’s parents need to explain to their kids—because their teacher and schools haven’t—what an ex post facto law is, and why it’s important. You can’t make something illegal after it’s already legal, and just expect to get away with those sort of shenanigans. You would need to amend the Constitution itself to do that, and there are a ton of reasons why that’s a bad idea. These kids and their instigators probably can’t name two.

A mountain of protection is built into the Constitution to prevent what these kids are screaming for, and there’s a reason for that. It’s why this is the finest nation that has ever existed—despite the rubbish teachers have been filling our children’s heads with for decades now. You do not want to live in shootholes where you can be shot by government but cannot shoot back.

That core feature is why we’re free and so much of the world is not. And the constitutional ban on disarming us—in the Second, Fourth, Ninth, Tenth and body of the Constitution is why. Tell me this—why haven’t any of the “journalists” cheering for the loud children mentioned any of this to them, or grilled them about it live on TV?

Give a truly informed person ten minutes on air with any of these kids, in a fair and civil discussion, and they’ll be humiliated by their ignorance of the subject they are so passionate about—the start of a real education in the problems they want to solve.

The Kids Face Real Problems

Don’t take this wake-up call the wrong way. The fact that schools and public spaces have deteriorated to the point they have is a disaster needing immediate attention. It’s just that disarming the public is not going to stop the Muslim jihad that is a full third of the problem.

Banning “assault weapons”—which none of the proposed bills do by the way—won’t even address why America has sociopathic children willing and eager to murder people around them, especially their classmates, another third of the problem. Assault is a kind of behavior, not a kind of hardware. You didn’t know that?

Background checks, which have been around now for more than two decades—two decades—haven’t done anything to even slow the main murder problem we face: inner city youth killing each other, practically for sport.

For every media-promoted, incessant saturation coverage of isolated events with psychos at the wheel, a much larger stack of dead bodies is piled high in cities run by democrats, but you’re not supposed to look behind that curtain.

The so-called “news” has done a tremendous job of getting you to look the other way and miss what’s really going on. They should have their licenses pulled, except they’re all unlicensed and unregistered reporters—did you know that?

No, the kids running wild in the streets, thinking, as teenagers do, that they know everything, are in serious need of parenting. And more seriously in need of education, which our failing school system has obviously failed to provide.

Which of the teachers in the public school system has truly educated these kids about the balance of power for which the Second Amendment was designed and established, it’s true and crucial purpose? You know the answer. Virtually none. And you see the result—kids with signs that, when translated into English basically say, “Give all the guns to the government, or have government take them! We can trust government people (who we paradoxically hate), but don’t remind us and spoil our message.”

Infringement is illegal. Background checks don’t begin to address the Muslim jihad, psychotic children, inner city murderers or our real problems. The media is indeed deceiving you, and it’s past time for a fresh look at what’s really happening.

Alan Korwin, a national columnist, award-winning author of 14 books and veteran of more than 1,000 radio and TV interviews, has been writing as a journalism ombudsman since 2006. He can be reached at where you can read more common sense like you just read.

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