‘It Reminded Me Of Geraldo And The Vault’ — Legal Analyst Tears The Stormy Story Apart

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CNN legal analyst Mark Geragos tore apart the Stormy Daniels story on “CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin” Wednesday.

“The whole thing, I think, borders on ludicrous.”


“I have to give Trump credit–President Trump credit,” Geragos said. “His ratings are going up. His approval ratings are going up, and it does remind me of Bill Clinton. The more they went down the sexual road in the ’90s, the higher his approval ratings went.”

Host Brooke Baldwin asked, “Why do you think that is?”

“I think that most people are more concerned with other things,” he said. “Especially in this case, where she’s come out and said that it was a consensual relationship, she’s not a victim, and most people don’t understand why we’re dealing with something like this 13 years after the fact. Then, you take a look at that ’60 Minutes’ interview and it reminded me of Geraldo and the vault.”

Baldwin said, “We haven’t talked since that interview. Did you think it was a nothing-burger? What did you think?”

“I mean, look…that supposed threat in the parking lot seven years ago–give me a break, c’mon,” Geragos said.

“You don’t believe it? You don’t believe her?”

“I’m sure that she probably thinks that there was a threat,” he said. “I mean, the idea that somehow that seven years later is going to mean anything is–I’ll just be charitable with it, there was nothing to it. The whole thing, I think, is…borders on the ludicrous.”

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