Kathy Griffin To Play Kellyanne Conway In New Comedy Central Series

Ford Springer | Reporter

Kathy Griffin is making her way back to television and will ruffle some feathers with her upcoming role.

Griffin, who hasn’t appeared on television since holding a beheaded and bloodied model of Donald Trump’s head, is set to make her return on Comedy Central’s “The President Show” starting next week. The disgraced comedian will play Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, Fox News reports.

The 57-year-old comic announced the news on Twitter with a side-by-side image of her and Conway.

The new Comedy Central show is a sketch series that will serve as a satirical late-night show from an Oval Office set. Anthony Atamanuik is slated to play President Trump.

Griffin’s gruesome Trump photo led to criticism from people on both sides of the aisle, which initially led her to apologize. Months afterwards, she decided she was no longer sorry and declared that she is going to continue to attack the president and focus on politics with her distasteful attempts at comedy.

“I am no longer sorry, the whole outrage was B.S., the whole thing got so blown out of proportion and I lost everybody,” Griffin said months afterwards. “Like, I had Chelsea Clinton tweeting against me. I had friends, Debra Messing from ‘Will and Grace,’ tweeting against me. I mean, I lost everybody.”

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“I am kicking the hornet’s nest, as much as I can,” Griffin told The New York Times about her new role. “I think it’s important to lean into the controversy because I know so much more about it now. I think now enough time has passed where people are starting to see the ridiculousness of what happened to me, and they’re seeing other people that Trump has done it [too].”

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