GWU Offering ‘Christian Privilege’ Training For Students And Faculty

Peter Hasson | Reporter

George Washington University is offering a free training session to students and faculty who want to learn about their “Christian privilege.”

The session will teach students and faculty that Christians “receive unmerited perks from institutions and systems all across our country” and “experience life in an easier way than non-Christians,” according to the university website.

The training session will take place on Thursday — four days after Christians celebrate Easter — and is available to all students and faculty.

The training session is offered through the university’s Multicultural Student Services Center and is titled: “Christian privilege: but our founding fathers were all Christian, right?!” The center did not return an email seeking comment. (RELATED: Twitter Keeps Censoring Pro-Lifers)

“How do Christians in the USA experience life in an easier way than non-Christians? Even with the separation of Church and State, are there places where Christians have built-in advantages over non-Christians? How do we celebrate Christian identities and acknowledge that Christians receive unmerited perks from institutions and systems all across our country?” the event description reads.

“Let’s reflect upon ways we can live up to our personal and national values that make room for all religious and secular identities on an equal playing field.”

“Participants will be able to list at least three examples of Christian privilege” and “will be able to list at least three ways to be an ally with a non-Christian person,” the session’s learning objectives state.

Participants also “will be able to describe what is meant by privilege overall and white privilege specifically” and “will be able to describe the role of denial when it comes to white privilege.”

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