Jimmy Carter Says Americans Want A ‘Jerk’ As President, But Says He Prays For Trump

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Former President Jimmy Carter appeared on Friday night’s broadcast of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” to promote his upcoming book, “Faith: A Journey For All,” but it didn’t take long for President Trump to become a prominent topic of discussion.

“Is there any chance you’re running in 2020?” Colbert asked to audience applause. “Because we could use a nice guy in the Oval Office.”

“I think 93 is the age limit,” Carter quipped.

Talking about the fact that Carter had assumed the Oval Office after Nixon and Ford, but seeming to refer to President Trump in the present day, Colbert asked Carter if Americans “want kind of a jerk as president.”

To which Carter replied, “Apparently, from this recent election, yes. I never knew it before.”

When asked what the most important qualities a president should have, Carter took another jab at Trump.

“I used to think it was to tell the truth,” said Carter. “But I’ve changed my mind lately.”

Later in the segment, Carter stated that he does pray for President Trump.

“I pray that he’ll be a good president and that he’ll keep our country at peace and that he’ll refrain from using nuclear weapons and that he will promote human rights. So yeah, I pray for him,” said the former president.

“Thank you for your prayers. We do need them,” Colbert said. “But, do you think your prayers are being answered so far?”

“When you pray, God has three answers. One is yes. The other one is no, and the third one is ‘you’ve got to be kidding.’ So, I’m not sure which one it is yet.”


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