Drew Brees Allegedly Got Scammed Out Of Millions On Jewelry Purchases

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees filed a lawsuit Monday against jeweler Vahid Moradi for allegedly being scammed out of millions of dollars.

TMZ reported the following details on the lawsuit:

Brees claims he’s been buying jewelry from Moradi for years — and has dropped roughly $15 MILLION on some insane pieces … including watches, earrings and rings.

Problem is … Brees claims he recently had his jewelry independently appraised and was told his collection is worth $9 MILLION less than he paid. 

Brees claims the biggest hit he took was on a 4.09 carat blue diamond ring he bought in 2015 for $8.18 million … which recently appraised for only $3.75 million.

Yeah, it’s pretty hard for me to feel bad for Brees here. It’s very difficult for me to shed a ton of tears. Who is advising Brees and thought dropping $15 million on jewelry was a smart idea? The man has made nearly $200 million in his career. After taxes, agent fees and union dues, Brees has maybe netted around $100 million in his career. It could even be a little less. The amount of money he has reportedly spent on jewelry represents a huge chunk of his career earnings. Not exactly very business savvy from our favorite New Orleans Saints gunslinger.

This is why athletes go broke at a shocking rate. They buy stuff they don’t need, and then are shocked that they’re burning through money. He spent $15 million on jewelry! Nobody, and I mean nobody, should be dropping that kind of cash on diamonds. I don’t care if you’ve got billions in the bank.

Buy real estate or invest in something. Buy a bunch of guns. Anything would be better than dropping more money than most people make in their lives on jewelry.

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