Meghan Markle To Receive ‘Hostile Training’ Before Joining The Royal Family

(Photo by Andrew Parsons - Pool/Getty Images)

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Marrying into the Royal Family isn’t as easy as saying “I do.”

Meghan Markle still has a long list of things to do before she and Prince Harry are married next month to prepare herself for becoming a member of the Royal Family. A lot of those prerequisites are merely out of respect for tradition, but there are others that are essential to the future royal’s safety.

Katie Nicholl, the author of “Harry: Life, Loss, and Love,” offers insight into the American Actresses preparations for joining the Royal Family in a chapter titled “Operation Princess” in which she reveals some of the things that Markle has to do before saying “I do.” The former “Suits” star has had to go through media training, royal protocol and etiquette training and, perhaps the most important and interesting, “hostile training.”

“When it comes to how to behave in public, you do see Meghan breaking the rules. She’s a lot more hands-on than most members of the Royal Family. She’ll go and shake hands, we’ve seen her hugging small children. It’s not necessarily the royal way of doing things, but it’s Meghan’s way of doing things ” Nicholl explained in a video posted by Page Six. “She needs to know how to potentially react if there was to ever be a possible kidnap scenario or a hostage taking scenario.”

Nicholl didn’t reveal exactly what the hostile training entails, but apparently Markle has picked everything up fairly well, as you might expect from an actress.

“All of these things she’s had to to get to grips with,” the author added. “She’s been learning very, very quickly.”

Prince Harry and Ms. Markle will be married at Windsor Castle next month. Hopefully the American actress is prepared for married life in the Royal Family and whatever comes with that territory.