Chaffetz Calls Out Bob Mueller For Dragging Out Russia Investigation: ‘How Long Are They Going To Continue To Do This?’

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Former Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah asked Wednesday on “Fox & Friends” how much longer special counsel Bob Mueller can drag out the Russia investigation without producing any results.

“Here we are more than a year later. It begs the question how long are they going to continue to do this,” Chaffetz said. And why did they start it in the first place? Because there doesn’t appear to be any direct evidence that would justify going after the president.”

Chaffetz said Mueller is losing sight of his mandate and is taking advantage of the wide berth afforded to special prosecutors.


“It has nothing to do with the effect on the election, which is where the focus is supposed to be,” Chaffetz said. “It is so loosely written. It basically allows Bob Mueller to look under any place he wants to go. Any rock at any time. There is really no prohibition.”

“Basically he has a blank check. It begs the question though on point number two if you look at that document, why aren’t they looking at the actual facts of where the money is flowing in the DNC and Hillary Clinton and her campaign,” Chaffetz added.

“There’s a reason why the documents that were under request by Congress and under, you know, subpoena have not been released. Because that would show a lot of these things,” he concluded.

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