Start The Masters Off Right With The Hottest WAGs At Augusta National [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

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The Masters is officially underway and there’s no better way to celebrate than by taking a look at some of the lovely ladies who will be cheering their significant others on from the crowd.

Yes, golf is an individual sport, but I bet if you asked any of these pros how they do it, each and every one of them would point to the women who cheer them on to victory from the sidelines.

Professional golfers have it pretty good. First off, they play a leisure sport for a living, which is pretty sweet in and of itself. Add to that they get to travel all over the world to countless beautiful locations in order to do that makes it even better. To top it all off, it seems that each one of these golfers — whether they’re good or not — cannot keep gorgeous women away from them.

From the first tee on Thursday morning to the 18th green on Sunday afternoon, nobody has the pro golfer’s backs like these women. Start The Masters off right with the hottest wives and girlfriends on the PGA Tour.