Dr. Evil Mocks Trump Administration With Jimmy Fallon [WATCH]

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Jimmy Fallon brought back a familiar face to his show Wednesday night, who took multiple shots at the Trump administration.

It just wouldn’t be late-night television unless a lanky host in a slim-fit suit made a few jokes at the president’s expense.

This time, Fallon dug deep into the archives and brought Dr. Evil from Mike Myers’ “Austin Powers” movies onto the show.

“It seems like every week someone loses their job,” Fallon said. “And believe it or not, another person was fired by Trump moments ago. This literally just happened. And we’re lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with them right now. Hello?”

Dr. Evil complained that he should have been hired as Secretary Of Evil but the administration already filled the position with Steve Bannon. But he said the wall was his idea, as well as Trump’s suggested “space force.”

“All the most evil stuff was me,” Dr. Evil said.

“You mean like, deporting dreamers?” Fallon asked.

“No Jimmy, I have my limits,” Dr. Evil replied. “I’m evil but I’m not a monster.”

Get it? Because, according to late night talk show hosts, Trump is the most evil person on the planet for wanting to close our borders and reform immigration laws. Hilarious. So cutting-edge. I can’t believe they didn’t think of this sooner. And I really can’t believe they couldn’t find a character from this millennium to rip on Trump. Were Lord Voldemort and the Joker busy on Wednesday or something?

It was low-hanging fruit when “SNL” compared Steve Bannon to the Grim Reaper but wheeling out Dr. Evil just scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

The more late-night talk shows lose their heads over the Trump administration, the less seriously they’ll be taken. Light satire is one thing. But a steady dose of aggressive Trump jokes all week long — with no opposing viewpoints — becomes stuffy and boring very quickly. People watch talk shows for their entertainment value, not for a lecture on politics. If and when hosts begin to realize this, their ratings might start to recover.

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