CNN Reporter Asks Caravan Immigrant If She Had Been Raped On Journey

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

CNN’s Leyla Santiago interviewed several of the more than 1,000 migrants traveling through Mexico Friday and asked them “about the rapes that President Trump had talked about on this journey.”

Santiago approached a woman holding a young child shortly after passengers began exiting a bus in Pueblo, Mexico. (RELATED: Trump Takes Credit For Breaking Up Migrant Caravan)


“She has two children,” Santiago said, translating the women’s answer. “She’s saying there is a lot of violence where she’s coming from.”

“A child of this age cannot be dangerous,” she continued, translating the women’s response when asked if they were “dangerous.”

The woman told Santiago she is going to the Unite States before the CNN reporter asked her “about the rapes President Trump has talked about on this journey.”

The woman asked Santiago to repeat her question before saying the “women have not been assaulted.”

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