Mom Claims School Officials ‘Body-Shamed’ Her Daughter For Going Braless To Class

Gabrielle Okun | Reporter

School officials “body-shamed” a Florida mom’s daughter for going braless to class, the mother claimed, according to BuzzFeed News Monday.

Braden River High School student Martinez was forced to cover her nipples with band-aids and later jump in order to show going braless was a “distraction” for other students. School officials were suggesting a double standard for women when they forced 17-year-old Lizzy Martinez to put band-aids over her nipples after going braless, Kari Knop, Lizzy’s mother, claimed, according to BuzzFeed News. Martinez often goes braless, depending on her mood, the teen noted.

“It’s a disgusting example of a double standard and shows how our culture body-shames women. If a boy was staring at her nipples that long, why was he not spoken to or punished?” Knop added. Martinez was called to the principal’s office during fifth period to adjust her outfit over her “protruding” nipples, The New York Post added.

“This whole issue was really eye-opening for me and puts things in perspective because I also have a 13-year-old son and, at that age, they have erections on accident and no one calls them out or sends them home,” Knop said.”Why is a 17-year-old girl’s breast moving any different? It’s a collection of fat cells.”

Braden River High School’s Twitter account blocked Martinez after she tweeted her frustration with the school’s policy.

“This matter was brought to the attention of the Superintendent’s Office for review. It is undisputed that this matter should have been handled differently at the school level and corrective measures have been taken to prevent a re-occurrence in the way these matters will be addressed in the future,” School District of Manatee County General Counsel Mitchell Teitelbaum, Esq. told to The Daily Caller News Foundation in a written statement.

No further disciplinary actions were taken against Martinez, Teitelbaum also noted.

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