Hannity Invites Kimmel Onto His Show

Sean Hannity Fox News Youtube screenshot / Jimmy Kimmel Live Youtube screenshot

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The Sean Hannity-Jimmy Kimmel feud could formally end if Kimmel accepts Hannity’s Monday offer to appear on his popular Fox News nighttime show.

The two had been battling over Kimmel’s remarks about first lady Melania Trump’s accent. Kimmel responded to Hannity’s criticism by tweeting a doctored photograph of Hannity getting sexual with a clown — he had removed the picture from his Twitter page by Friday morning.

After Kimmel apologized for the clown picture on Sunday — but not the disparaging remarks about the first lady — Hannity decided to take the rapprochement one step further, extending an invitation to the late night talk show comedian to appear with him.

Before making the announcement, Hannity assured viewers that the fight with Kimmel had nothing to do with Hannity becoming part of the “thought police” nor political correctness but that he believed Kimmel had crossed a “line in the sand” with the remarks about Melania Trump as she read an Easter book to children.

In an extended monologue, Hannity promised Kimmel that if he joined him on Fox, there would be “no name-calling, no anger, no rehashing of the Twitter fight.”

The conservative host even suggested finding some common ground.

“My bet is you’ll actually agree with me on a lot more issues than you think,” Hannity said. “But for my point of view it’s over with Jimmy Kimmel. I meant what I said, unfair attacks — there needs to be an end to this. There is no shortage by the way of comedic material out there.”

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